Casual Eatery & Bar

Fun vibes and fresh flavors!

Simply Social is a brand-new eatery and bar located on the main street of Ubud with views out towards the alluring hustle and bustle Ubud Raya street, where unique traditional culture meets modernity. Bringing in fresh flavors from all over the world, all these delightful cuisines from native, Asia, and international-inspired will tempt your palate for a sensational journey of taste. Our food philosophy is simple – to present super fresh and delectable gourmet meals to you in a spirit of sharing and abundance.

Nestled within the extraordinary vibes of Ubud, Simply Social enhances the distinctive offerings of Ubud which are known to be quirky but exclusive, wellness and vigorous, and all these attractive results of melting pots of all unique individuals and culture around the world whilst maintaining its true self.
Simply Social is your ultimate one of a kind noteworthy eatery and bar to experience all these hypes. Unveil fun vibes and savor fresh flavors at Simply Social!
Let the fun vibes roll; people, flavors, ideas, and possibilities that evoke positive, cherished, happy peachy sensations!

Open daily from 07:30 am - 23:00 pm
Jl. Raya Ubud No. 14, Ubud - Bali | View map
Call us at +62 823 5928 8889
email us at hello@simplysocialbali.com

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