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Celebrate milestones at Simply Social.

Personalise your events, curate your own meaningful celebration. Our professional team will be on hands to cater to your momentous occasions. Be it birthday, baby shower, bachelor or bachelorette, arisan, family gathering, et cetera. Enhance the party with fresh flavors nourishments, flavorous beverages, stylish decor, and fun vibes venue. Contact us for the full price list and sample menus.

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Personalise your gourmet meals and drinks. We cater to any dietary requirement. Talk to us and we will customise these for you and your entourages/loved ones/family/friends.


Bringing in fresh flavors from all over the world, Simply Social will tempt your palate for a sensational journey of taste.


Enhance your party vibes and curate your own personalised style. Add stylish decor for an aweinspiring party scene.

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